Environa Environmental

Environa Environmental

Innovating Towards a Brighter Future

Our Mission

We are a nonprofit organization which seeks to solve everyday environmental problems in clean energy and air pollution through education and innovation. Our approach is to pair unique STEM applications with existing protocols to improve efficiency and create a greater green impact across Massachusetts.


The Focus of Our Efforts

Foggy Forest
Environment Pollution
WIne Turbines


Helping The Community

Through our Enrichment Learning articles, Environa spread the message about pressing environmental issues, new research in the field, and trends for the future. 


Reinforcing our Commitment

Through petitioning for new offshore wind energy and launching our own Tree Planting Initiative, Environa is committed to bringing our community to net zero emissions by 2040.


Actively Solving The Problems

Developing a novel air pollution monitor and smart composting method, we are working with the EPA and MassDEP to mitigate pollution in primary target areas across Massachusetts.

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