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Environa has joined SETAC, a professional organization of chemistry-toxicology experts, to amplify our EnviEye initiative's impact and further air pollution modeling research.

Working with Dr. Mukerjee, Dr. Pann, and Mr. Derrick Maxwell, Environa has collaborated with the Northeastern Center for Renewable Energy Technology to research hydrogen pump technology and conduct electrochemical analysis for purifying carbon dioxide and hydrogen gas.


One of our first partners, the EPA has supported the EnviEye from the development stage to its deployment. With the help of Sean Dunn, we gained the permissions to employ our sensors in Primary Target Areas and act upon scenarios where high pollutant concentrations were detected.


Nicole Mercer at the West Roxbury Monitoring Site helped us access historical data from the MassDEP archives to develop our correction API and calibrate the EnviEye sensors. Our work with the MassDEP also ensures that the EnviEye sensors were high quality instruments making accurate measurements.


As the main donor for our Tree Planting Event, the DCR's providing of 50 river birch saplings helped us populate the Ashland community with more trees and more sources of negative emissions. Their unwavering support for Enviorna and the Ashland Sustainability Committee are the light shining us towards net zero by 2040.

Weston Nurseries

Providing the expertise and resources for our smart composting initiative, Weston Nurseries graciously sponsored the development of the Solar Powered Humidity Sensor and the set up for composting bins in high schools across Middlesex County.

As our partners for the 2022 tree planting initiative, the Tree-Plenish nonprofit has secured more than 100 tree saplings for high school volunteers to plant across residential areas in Ashland.

The first to adopt the smart composting initiative and the hosts of our community garden, Ashland High School has supported our projects from the start. Consistent support from the AHS administration has helped us blossom our nonprofit and seek more opportunities in high schools statewide.

Ashland Emergency Food Bank

Spreading the reach of our community garden, the Emergency Food Bank partnerships helps us feed the hungry in our local community. Together, we have embarked on a journey to teach agricultural literacy while supporting public health.

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