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Tree Planting Initiative


River Birch Tree Planting Initiative Image 2.jpg

In association with Ashland's sustainability committee, Environa embarked on a community-wide effort to plant 50 river birth saplings across the town. Our program aims to spread awareness of the importance of trees as harmful emissions to help achieve Ashland's net-zero goal by 2040.


Trees absorb carbon dioxide at a rate of 13 pounds per year, and at about ten years of age, trees will reach their most productive period, absorbing around 48 pounds of carbon dioxide per year. By reducing the carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, we can help reduce our carbon footprint and mitigate climate change.

All volunteers joining our tree planting initiative followed a meticulous planting manual to ensure the quality and health of the saplings. Homeowners at planting sites were thoroughly informed about how to grow a luscious river birch tree. With mindfulness to river birch's likeness to mildly acidic, damp soil conditions, we also conducted soil pH and humidity tests on all of our potential growing locations.

The Department of Conservation and Recreation donated the tree saplings. River birch trees were chosen for their relatively low maintenance and ability to grow in the moist gardens across residential homes in Ashland. Our long-time partner, Weston Nurseries, provided the naturally fertilized soil and mulch to plant the trees. 

Observing the success of this first-year initiative, Environa vies to make tree planting through the DCR and US Forest Service an annual activity. Already, we have begun planning a larger scale project involving more tree saplings, more towns, and more volunteers. This initiative has demonstrated how change and action towards reducing carbon footprint can start small but slowly blossom out and produce a veritable impact.

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